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Cox Telecommunications


Telecommunication Academy: Students are infused with knowledge and hands-on experiences through industry curriculum to get a comprehensive overview of the telecommunications systems.

Think of telecommunications as the world’s biggest machine. Strung together by complex networks, telephones, video devices, mobile phones and internet-linked PC’s, this global system touches nearly all of us. It allows us to speak, share thoughts, and do business with nearly anyone, regardless of where in the world they might be.

Telecom operating companies make all this happen. The telecommunications sector continues to be at the epicenter for growth, innovation, and disruption for virtually any industry. Mobile devices and related broadband connectivity continue to be more and more embedded in the fabric of society today and they are key in driving the momentum around some key trends such as video streaming, Internet of Things (IoT), and smart home technologies.

Come join this exciting ever-changing industry with an opportunity to attain a national certification through the Society of Cable Technical Engineers! If you enjoy technology this is the field for you!!

Cox Communications

2020-2021: Academy Instructor

Mr. Tom Connors

Cox Communications
Cox Communications
Cox Communications