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AP Night

December 2022 Testing at WFHs

Parents, good evening. This is Mrs. Cramer, Assistant Principal at WFHS, calling with important information regarding testing this month which affects all students enrolled at WFHS.

Tomorrow, all twelfth grade students currently enrolled in a US Government class on the WFHS campus will take the Florida Civic Literacy Exam. Dual Enrollment students may opt to take the test with us, if their schedule permits. The test begins promptly at 8:25 a.m. This test is required of all high school students. A passing score will exempt them from this requirement in college, which is now required in order to receive a degree in the state of Florida, AND may serve as their US Government Semester Exam grade.

The second round of Progress Monitoring exams will be given on Wednesday, December 7th to freshmen and Thursday, December 8th to sophomores. These exams are also required and are used to determine academic gains for students in English, preparing them for the new FAST Exam offered at the end of the year, which is also a graduation requirement.

Students in grades 9-12 are working on Industry Certification exams this month as well. Those dates vary by academy and our students are doing a great job so far with over 200 certifications earned already this school year!

Finally, all students on the WFHS campus will take their semester exams, Thursday, December 15th – Tuesday, December 20th. An exam is required in each class and exams are not given early. In an attempt to provide the most optimal testing environment for all students, we do not authorize students to check out during a class period. Students late to school after an exam has begun will also not be permitted into class and will have to take a make-up exam.

A copy of our semester exam schedule is available on our website and has been shared in the student’s grade level Jag News pages. Students will be receiving a study guide for each of their classes to help them prepare for their exams.

Any student that receives testing accommodations should have already received a letter detailing the testing procedures. If you have any questions regarding your student’s upcoming tests, please reach out to your student’s counselor as soon as possible.


All of the mentioned tests this evening are required and are very important for your student’s academic success. Please assist us in encouraging your student to prepare in advance for the exams and to arrive at school prepared, on time, and with a fully charged chromebook each day. Students missing an exam will need to coordinate a time to make up the exam with their individual teachers. 

Erin Cramer
Assistant Principal
West Florida High School

tutoring schedule

tutoring schedule

ECSD Website Provides Focus™ Parent Portal Account Instructional Videos

The ECSD Information Technology Department has created a series of instructional videos to assist parents in accessing and learning the new features and settings available in the Focus™ Parent Portal Account program. The videos offered at include:

1.    FOCUS™ for Parents: Why You Need A Parent Account
2.    FOCUS™ for Parents: How to Create A Parent Online Account
3.    FOCUS™ for Parents - Version 10 Updates

There are also written instructions available: Focus™ Parent Portal: Create a New Online Account.  Parents signing up for the first time will want to gather some necessary information (the list is also available on this page). 

Parents will need to know:

1.    A valid email address
2.    Your child’s date of birth
3.    Your child’s 6-digit ECSD student ID number
4.    The last four digits of your child’s Social Security Number

A Parent Portal Account will also allow parents of multiple school-aged children to navigate from one child’s information page to another, without having to log out in-between.

ECSD Families App

Once parents have established their Focus™ Parent Portal account and password, they can also access their child’s information by using a mobile device and downloading the ECSD Families App. This free app is available in the Apple App Store, or on the Google Play store for Android phones.  The icon graphic is an apple wearing a graduation cap.

For information about Escambia County’s public schools
go to: 
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School Start and End Times

Parents: do you have a new address?

The Escambia County School District arranges transportation and other services by referring to the address on file at your child's school.  

Please help us maintain accurate and timely service for your child and ensure we are able to contact you in the event of an emergency by keeping your address and phone number current at your child's school.

Contact the Main Office/Front Office to make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

Chromebook Reminder

Please make sure your student charges his or her chromebook!


Military dependents

For more information, please do the following:

  • Click on the Guideance link above.
  • Click on the Military Dependents.

School Advisory Council's provide educational stakeholders with an opportunity to actively participate in the development of educational priorities, assessment of the school's needs and identification of resources. 


Please contact Mrs. Cramer (  if you are interested in joining the WFHS School Advisory Council for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Important parent forms

Car Riders
Student Drivers
Bus Riders

AP Courses @ WFHS

Click here to view the Q&A document.

Courses available on campus

AP Human Geography

AP Calculus

AP US History

AP World History

AP Economics

AP Government

AP Language

AP Literature

AP Environmental Science

AP Art History

AP Computer Science Principles